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Alphabetical directory of the authorized in Bulgaria plant protection products and Alphabetical directory of the active substances contained in the authorized plant protection products. For each product there are basic characteristics. The database of the active substances gives information for the all products containig particular active substance.

CURZATE 60 WG (Fungicides)

CURZATE 60 WG (Parallel trade)

CURZATE MAX WP (Fungicides)

CURZATE R DF (Fungicides)

CUSTODIA (Fungicides)

CYCLO R LIQUIDO (Fungicides)

CYCLON 10 EC (Insecticides)

CYCLOP (Herbicides)

CYMBAL 45 WG (Fungicides)

CYMBAL FLOW (Fungicides)

CYPERFOR 100 EC (Insecticides)

CYTHRIN MAX (Insecticides)

DAGONIS (Fungicides)

DANADIM PROGRESS 400 EC (Insecticides)

DANITRON 5 SC (Acaricides)

DANTOP 50 WG (Insecticides)

DASCOR 440 (Insecticides)

DECA EC (Insecticides)

DECIS 100 EC (Insecticides)

DECIS 2.5 EC (Insecticides)

DECIS 2.5 EC NOV (Parallel trade)

DECIS TRAP (Pheromones)

DECIS TRAP (Insecticides)

DECLINE 2.5 EC (Insecticides)

DEFEND EXTRA (Fungicides)

DEFEND FS (Fungicides)

DEFENDER SL (Herbicides)

DELAN 700 WDG (Fungicides)

DELAN PRO (Fungicides)

DELEGATE 250 WG (Insecticides)

DELICIA GASTOXIN pellets (Insecticides)

DELICIA GASTOXIN tablets (Insecticides)

DELTAGRI (Insecticides)

DELTAMEX 2.5 EC (Parallel trade)

DERBY SUPER (Herbicides)

DERBY SUPER ONE (Herbicides)

DESICCASH 200 SL (Herbicides)

DESICCASH 200 SL (Desiccants)

DESPINA (Fungicides)

DETIA-GAS-EX bags (Insecticides)

DEVRINOL 4 F (Herbicides)

DIABLO (Acaricides)

DIABLO SC (Acaricides)

DIAGONAL (Fungicides)

DIAMANT MAX (Fungicides)

DICARINI (Herbicides)

DICARZOL 10 SP (Insecticides)

DICASH 48 SL (Herbicides)

DICOPUR F (Herbicides)

DIFCOR 250 EC (Fungicides)

DIFLANIL SD (Herbicides)

DIMBO 480 SL (Herbicides)

DIMILIN 480 SC (Insecticides)

DIMISTAR 40 EC (Acaricides)

DIMIX 500 SC (Fungicides)

DINALI 090 DC (Fungicides)

DIOVID 60 SL (Herbicides)

DIPEL 2X (Insecticides)

DIQUA 20 SL (Herbicides)

DIQUA 20 SL (Desiccants)

DITHAN DG (Fungicides)

DITHAN M-45 WP (Fungicides)

DIVA (Herbicides)


DOMARK 10 EC (Fungicides)

DOMINATOR MEGA 480 SL (Herbicides)



DRAGO 76 WP (Fungicides)

DUAL GOLD 960 EC (Herbicides)

DUAL GOLD 960 EC (Parallel trade)

DUAL GOLD NOV (Parallel trade)

DUCAT 25 EC (Insecticides)

DUET ULTRA (Fungicides)

DUET ULTRA (Parallel trade)

DURSBAN 4 EC (Insecticides)

EAGLE 75 WG (Herbicides)

ECLIPSE 70 WDG (Herbicides)

ECOPART TURBO (Herbicides)

ECOPART TURBO (Desiccants)

EFCYMETHRIN 10 EC (Insecticides)

EFICA 960 EC (Parallel trade)

ELATUS ERA (Fungicides)

ELATUS PLUS (Fungicides)

ELECTIS 75 WG (Fungicides)

ELECTRON 500 SC (Herbicides)

ELUMIS OD (Herbicides)

EMBRELIA (Fungicides)

EMINENT STAR (Fungicides)

ENERVIN SC (Fungicides)

ENVIDOR 240 SC (Acaricides)

EPHASATE 36 SL (Herbicides)

EQUATION PRO (Fungicides)

EQUATION PRO (Parallel trade)

EQUIP OD (Herbicides)

ERCOLE GR (Insecticides)

ERGON WG (Herbicides)

ESTERON 600 EC (Herbicides)

ESTIUOIL (Insecticides)

ESTRELA (Insecticides)

EVOLIA (Herbicides)


EVUR (Parallel trade)

EXPERT WG (Herbicides)

EXPRESS 50 SG (Herbicides)

EXTENSOR OD (Herbicides)

FABAN (Fungicides)

FALCON 460 EC (Fungicides)

FALCON PRO (Fungicides)

FASTAC 100 EC (Parallel trade)

FASTAC 100 EC PLUS (Parallel trade)

FASTAC NOV 100 EC (Insecticides)

FASTAC NOV 100 EC (Parallel trade)

FASTHRIN 10 EC (Insecticides)

FASTHRIN 15 WG (Insecticides)

FEN 24 EC (Herbicides)

FEZAN (Fungicides)

FILDER 69 WG (Fungicides)

FINI WG (Herbicides)

FLAME (Herbicides)

FLAME DUO (Herbicides)

FLINT MAX 75 WG (Fungicides)

FLORAMITE 240 SC (Acaricides)

FLORDIMEX 420 (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

FLORDIMEX T EXTRA (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

FLOWSAN FS (Fungicides)

FLUROSTAR 200 (Herbicides)

FOCUS ULTRA (Herbicides)

FOLDER 80 WG (Fungicides)

FOLICUR 250 EW (Fungicides)

FOLICUR 250 EW (Parallel trade)

FOLICUR 250 EW (Parallel trade)

FOLLOW 80 WG (Fungicides)

FOLMEX 250 EV (Parallel trade)

FOLPAN 80 WDG (Fungicides)

FONTELIS SC (Fungicides)

FORAY 48 B (Insecticides)

FORCE 1.5 G (Insecticides)

FORCE 20 CS (Insecticides)

FORTUNA GLOBE (Fungicides)

FOSBEL 80 WG (Fungicides)

FOSBEL 80 WP (Fungicides)

FOSBEL PLUS (Fungicides)

FOVER 300 FS (Fungicides)

FOXTROT 69 EW (Herbicides)


FUNGURAN ON 50 WP (Fungicides)

FURY 10 EC (Insecticides)

FUSILADE FORTE 150 EC (Herbicides)

FYTOSAVE (Fungicides)

GALAXIA SL (Herbicides)

GALBEN 8M 65 (Fungicides)

GALERA SUPER (Herbicides)

GALLUP SUPER 360 (Herbicides)


GAZELLE 20 SP (Parallel trade)

GEOX WG (Fungicides)

GINGKO (Pheromones)

GIZMO 60 FS (Fungicides)

GLIFOHEM (Herbicides)

GLOBAZTAR AZT 250 SC (Fungicides)

GLYFOON (Herbicides)

GLYFOS ULTRA (Herbicides)

GRANPROTEC (Insecticides)

GRANSTAR 75 DF (Herbicides)

GRANSTAR SUPER 50 SG (Herbicides)

GRIAL (Insecticides)

GULLIVER 50 WG (Herbicides)


HARPUN (Insecticides)

HELICOVEX (Insecticides)

HELIOSOUFRE S (Fungicides)

HELIOSOUFRE S (Acaricides)

HERBAFLEX (Herbicides)

HORUS 50 WG (Fungicides)

HUSAR MAX OD (Herbicides)

HYPO SP (Parallel trade)

HYRA (Insecticides)

IMASPRO 7,5 EW (Herbicides)

IMIDAN 50 WG (Insecticides)

IMPACT 25 SC (Fungicides)

INDAR 5 EW (Fungicides)

INDIPEN 40 SC (Herbicides)

INFINITO SC (Fungicides)

INFISS (Insecticides)

INSECTOIL KEY (Insecticides)

INTEREST (Fungicides)

ISOMATE C (Pheromones)

ISOMATE OFM TT (Pheromones)

ISOMATE SLR (Pheromones)

JADEX – O – 460 (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

K-OBIOL (Insecticides)

KALIF 360 CS (Herbicides)

KALIF 480 EC (Herbicides)

KALIF MEGA ZC (Herbicides)

KANTIK (Fungicides)

KAOS (Herbicides)

KARAMAT 2.5 EW (Fungicides)

KARATE ZEON 5 CS (Insecticides)

KARATE ZEON 5 CS (Parallel trade)

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