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Alphabetical directory of the authorized in Bulgaria plant protection products and Alphabetical directory of the active substances contained in the authorized plant protection products. For each product there are basic characteristics. The database of the active substances gives information for the all products containig particular active substance.

KENJA (Fungicides)

KIDEKA (Herbicides)

KINTO PLUS FS (Fungicides)

KIWI EXTRA 6 OD (Herbicides)

KOCIDE 2000 WG (Fungicides)

KORELO DUO (Herbicides)

KRISANT EC (Insecticides)

KUMULUS DF (Fungicides)

KUMULUS DF (Acaricides)

KUSABI (Fungicides)

LAINCOBRE M (Fungicides)

LAINCOIL (Insecticides)

LAMADOR 400 FC (Fungicides)

LAMADOR PRO (Fungicides)

LAMDEX EXTRA (Insecticides)

LANATE 20 SL (Insecticides)

LANATE 25 WP (Insecticides)

LANCELOT (Herbicides)

LAOTTA (Acaricides)

LAOTTA (Insecticides)

LAUDIS OD (Herbicides)

LAUDIS WG (Herbicides)

LEGADO (Fungicides)

LEIMAY (Fungicides)

LENTAGRAN WP (Herbicides)

LEOPARD 5 EC (Herbicides)

LIETO (Fungicides)

LIMATAC (Limacides)

LISTEGO PLUS (Herbicides)

LISTEGO PLUS P (Parallel trade)

LOGOS 4 SC (Herbicides)

LONTREL 300 SL (Herbicides)

LONTREL 72 SG (Herbicides)

LUMAX 312 (Herbicides)

LUMAX 375 (Herbicides)



MADEX TOP (Insecticides)

MADEX TWIN (Insecticides)

MAGEOS (Insecticides)

MAGMA TRIPLE (Fungicides)

MAGNELO EC (Fungicides)

MAGNETO TOP 464 SL (Herbicides)

MAGTOXIN pellets/drops (Insecticides)

MAGTOXIN plates/tapes (Insecticides)

MALET 20 SL (Insecticides)

MANCOZEB 80 WP (Fungicides)

MANCOZEB 80 WP – AGRIA (Fungicides)

MANFIL 75 WG (Fungicides)

MANFIL 80 WP (Fungicides)

MASAI WP (Acaricides)

MASAI WP (Insecticides)

MATON 600 EC (Herbicides)

MAVRICK 2F (Insecticides)

MAXIM 025 FS (Fungicides)

MAXIM STAR 025 FS (Fungicides)

MAXIM XL 035 FS (Fungicides)

MAZA 4 SL (Herbicides)

MEDAX TOP (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

MEDEIRO 80 WG (Fungicides)

MEDINA 20 EW (Fungicides)

MEDYAN EXTRA 350 SC (Fungicides)

MELODY COMPACT 49 WG (Fungicides)

MERLIN FLEX 480 SC (Herbicides)


MERPAN 80 WDG (Fungicides)

MESMER 48 SC (Herbicides)

METASH (Limacides)

METEOR (Insecticides)

METHOMOR F (Fungicides)

METRIC (Herbicides)

METSURAM 200 WG (Herbicides)

MEVALONE (Fungicides)

MICAL FLASH (Fungicides)

MIGOTO (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

MILBEKNOCK (Acaricides)

MILBEKNOCK (Insecticides)

MILDICUT (Fungicides)

MIMIC 240 LV (Insecticides)

MINECTO ALPHA (Insecticides)

MIRADOR 250 SC (Fungicides)

MIRADOR FORTE 160 EC (Fungicides)

MIRAGE 45 EC (Fungicides)

MISSION 200 SL (Herbicides)

MISSION 200 SL (Desiccants)

MISTRAL EXTRA 6 OD (Herbicides)

MISTRAL PLUS (Herbicides)

MOCAP 10 G (Insecticides)

MOCAP 10 G (Nematicides)

MODAON 4F (Herbicides)

MODDUS EVO (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))


MONCUT SC (Fungicides)

MONSEREN G FS (Insecticides)

MONSEREN G FS (Fungicides)


MOSPILAN 20 SG (Insecticides)

MOSPILAN 20 SP (Insecticides)

MOSPILAN 20 SP (Parallel trade)

MOSPILAN NOV (Parallel trade)

MOVENTO 100 SC (Insecticides)

MOXIMAT 505 WG (Fungicides)

MOXIMAT 505 WP (Fungicides)

MULLIGAN (Insecticides)

MURAL (Herbicides)

MUSTANG 306.25 SC (Herbicides)

MYCLOFIL (Fungicide)

MYSTIC 25 EW (Fungicides)

NASA 360 SL (Herbicides)

NATURALIS (Insecticides)

NATURE BREAKER (Insecticides)

NEALTA SC (Acaricides)

NEEM AZAL T/C (Acaricides)

NEEM AZAL T/C (Insecticides)

NEMASOL 510 (Nematicides)

NEMASOL 510 (Fungicides)

NEMASOL 510 (Herbicides)

NEMATHORIN 10 G (Nematicides)

NEMATHORIN 10 G (Insecticides)


NEO STOP DP (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

NEOREL EC (Insecticides)

NERO EC (Herbicides)

NEXT (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

NICOGAN 4 OD (Herbicides)

NICOZEA OD (Herbicides)

NIGHTHAWK (Parallel trade)

NISSORUN 10 WP (Acaricides)

NISSORUN 5 EC (Acaricides)

NOMINEE 400 SC (Herbicides)

NORIOS 250 SC (Fungicides)

NURELLE D (Insecticides)

NURELLE D 550 EC NOV (Parallel trade)

NURELLE D 550 EK (Parallel trade)

OMNERA OD (Herbicides)

ONYX (Herbicides)

OPTICA TRIO (Herbicides)

OPTIX R (Fungicides)

OPULENT (Fungicides)

ORDAGO (Herbicides)

ORIUS 25 EW (Fungicides)

ORIUS 6 FC (Fungicides)

ORTIVA TOP SC (Fungicides)

ORTUS 5 SC (Acaricides)

ORVEGO (Fungicides)

OSIRIS (Fungicides)

OSORNO SC (Herbicides)

OVIPRON TOP EC (Acaricides)

OVIPRON TOP EC (Insecticides)

OVITEX (Insecticides)

OVITEX (Acaricides)

OXO 337 EC (Herbicides)



PALACE 75 WG (Herbicides)

PANTERA 40 EC (Herbicides)

PARA SUMMER (Acaricides)

PARA SUMMER (Insecticides)

PASSWORD 25 WG (Fungicides)

PATROL (Insecticides)

PEAK 75 WG (Herbicides)

PELICAN DELTA (Herbicides)

PENCOZEB 75 WG (Fungicides)

PENCOZEB 80 WP (Fungicides)

PENDIGAN 330 EC (Herbicides)

PENDIGAN 330 EC NOV (Herbicides)

PENDINOVA (Herbicides)

PENDISTAR 40 SC (Herbicides)

PERGADO COPPER 27 WG (Fungicides)

PERGADO D (Fungicides)

PERGADO F 45 WG (Fungicides)

PHOSTOXIN tablets (Rodenticides)

PHOSTOXIN pellets (Insecticides)

PHOSTOXIN pellets (Rodenticides)

PHOSTOXIN tablets (Insecticides)

PICADOR 20 SL (Insecticides)

PICADOR 35 ST (Insecticides)

PICTOR SC (Fungicides)

PIRETRO NATURA (Insecticides)

PLEDGE 50 WP (Herbicides)

PLENUM 50 WG (Insecticides)

PLINTO EC (Insecticides)

POL-SULFUR 80 WG (Fungicides)

POL-SULFUR 80 WP (Fungicides)

POL-SULFUR 800 SC (Fungicides)

POLYRAM DF (Fungicides)

PREMAZOR SD (Herbicides)


PREMISE (Fungicides)

PRESIDIUM ONE (Fungicides)

PRIAXOR EC (Fungicides)

PRINCIPAL (Herbicides)

PRINCIPAL PLUS 66.5 WG (Herbicides)

PROCEED (Fungicides)

PROFILER 71.1 WG (Fungicides)

PROFILUX (Fungicides)

PROGRAIN (Fungicides)

PROL AQUA (Herbicides)

PROLECTUS 50 WG (Fungicides)

PROMAN (Herbicides)

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