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Alphabetical directory of the authorized in Bulgaria plant protection products and Alphabetical directory of the active substances contained in the authorized plant protection products. For each product there are basic characteristics. The database of the active substances gives information for the all products containig particular active substance.

SEGURIS XTRA (Fungicides)

SELECT 240 EC (Herbicides)

SELECT SUPER 120 EC (Herbicides)

SELTIMA CS (Fungicides)

SENCOR 600 SC (Herbicides)

SENCOR NOV SC (Parallel trade)

SERCADIS (Fungicides)

SERENADE ASO SC (Fungicides)

SERON 480 SL (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

SERRATE (CELIO WG) (Herbicides)

SETASH (Limacides)

SFINX EXTRA (Fungicides)

SHADOW (Herbicides)

SHARDIF 25 EC (Fungicides)

SHARNIC OD (Herbicides)

SHARPEN 33 EC (Herbicides)

SHAVIT F 72 WDG (Fungicides)

SHAVIT F 72 WDG (Parallel trade)

SHAVIT F NOV (Parallel trade)

SHERPA 100 EC (Insecticides)

SHERPA 100 EW (Insecticides)

SHIRUDO WP (Acaricides)

SHIRUDO WP (Insecticides)

SHOSHI (Acaricides)

SHOSHI 25 SC (Acaricides)

SI 533 EC (Herbicides)

SIGNAL 300 ES (Insecticides)

SIGNUM WG (Fungicides)

SINDOXA WG (Insecticides)

SINEIS 480 SC (Insecticides)

SINSTAR SC (Fungicides)

SIRIO 4 SC (Herbicides)

SIRTAKI (Herbicides)

SIVANTO PRIME (Insecticides)

SIVAR (Fungicides)

SMARTFRESH (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

SMARTFRESH PROTABS (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

SMERCH 24 EC (Herbicides)

SOILGUARD 1.5 GR (Insecticides)

SOLEIL EC (Fungicides)

SOLFO 80 WG (Fungicides)

SOLFOL (Fungicides)

SOLFOLIQID SC (Fungicides)

SOLFOLIQUID 800 SC (Fungicides)

SOLIGOR 425 EC (Fungicides)

SOLOFOL (Fungicides)

SONIDO 400 FS (Insecticides)

SOPRANO 125 SC (Fungicides)

SOUVERAIN OD (Herbicides)

SPANDIS WG (Herbicides)

SPECTRUM (Herbicides)

SPHERA MAX SC (Fungicides)

SPIROX (Fungicides)

SPIROX D (Fungicides)

SPRINGBOCK (Herbicides)

STAMINA 50 SL (Fungicides)

STAMINA SL (Fungicides)

STARANE GOLD (Herbicides)

STOMP AQUA (Herbicides)

STRETCH OD (Herbicides)

STROBY DF (Fungicides)

STROBY DF + DELAN WDG (Fungicides)

SUCCESSOR TH (Herbicides)

SUGOBY WG (Fungicides)

SUGOI SC (Fungicides)

SULCOGAN 300 SC (Herbicides)

SULCOTREK (Herbicides)

SULGRAN (Fungicides)

SULTAN 500 SC (Herbicides)

SUMI ALPHA 5 EC (Insecticides)

SUPERSECT MEGA (Insecticides)

SWARD 240 EC (Herbicides)

SWITCH 62.5 WG (Fungicides)

SWITCH 62.5 WG (Parallel trade)

SWORD 240 EC (Herbicides)

SYARA WG (Fungicides)

SYARA WG (Acaricides)

SYLLIT 40 SC (Fungicides)

SYLLIT 544 SC (Fungicides)

SYMETRA FLEX (Fungicides)

SYSTHANE 20 EW (Fungicides)


SYSTIVA 333 FS (Fungicides)

TAEGRO WP (Fungicides)

TALENDO 20 EC (Fungicides)

TALENDO EXTRA (Fungicides)

TALISMA EC (Insecticides)

TALISMA UL (Insecticides)

TALISMAN (Herbicides)

TALIUS 20 EC (Fungicides)

TANARIS (Herbicides)

TANGO SUPER (Fungicides)

TARCZA 250 EW (Fungicides)

TARCZA 6 FS (Fungicides)

TARGA MAX EC (Herbicides)

TARGA SUPER 5 EC (Herbicides)

TARICA (Herbicides)

TAROT PLUS + TREND (Herbicides)

TARSEK 7.5 EC (Herbicides)

TARSIS (Parallel trade)

TAZER 250 SC (Fungicides)

TEBSEME (Fungicides)

TEBU GOLD 250 EC (Parallel trade)




TEKPHOS pellets (Insecticides)

TEKPHOS tablets (Insecticides)

TEMSA SC (Herbicides)

TEPPEKI (Insecticides)

TEPPEKI (Parallel trade)

TERANO 12.5 SC (Fungicides)

TERIDOX 500 EC (Herbicides)

TERMINATOR 4 SC (Herbicides)

TERMINATOR OD (Herbicides)

TERVIGO (Nematicides)

TESORO 250 (Fungicides)

TESORO 250 NOV (Parallel trade)

THIOVIT JET 80 WG (Fungicides)

THIOVIT JET 80 WG (Acaricides)

THIRAM 80 WDG (Parallel trade)

THIRAM 80 WG (Fungicides)

THIRAM 80 WG NOV (Parallel trade)

TIDEX EW (Herbicides)

TIGER PLATINUM 5 EC (Herbicides)

TIGER PLATINUM 5 EC (Herbicides)

TILMOR 240 EC (Fungicides)

TILT 25 EC (Fungicides)

TITAN SC (Fungicides)

TITUS 25 DF (Herbicides)

TOLUSO ZC (Herbicides)

TONALE ZC (Herbicides)

TOP PLUS 70 WP (Fungicides)

TOPAS 100 EC (Fungicides)

TOPAS 100 EC (Parallel trade)

TOPIC 080 EC (Herbicides)

TOPREX 375 SC (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

TOPREX 375 SC (Fungicides)

TOPSIN M 70 WDG (Fungicides)

TOPSIN M 70 WDG (Parallel trade)

TOPSIN NOV (Parallel trade)

TORINCA (FR-888) (Herbicides)

TORINCA (FR-888) (Desiccants)

TORNADO EC (Herbicides)

TOSCANA (Herbicides)

TOTAL EC (Herbicides)


TRAILOR (Herbicides)

TRAXOS 50 EC (Herbicides)

TREBON 30 EC (Insecticides)

TRIBE 75 WG (Herbicides)

TRIGARD 75 WP (Insecticides)

TRIKA EXPERT (Insecticides)

TRIMAX 175 EC (Plant Growth Regulators (PGR))

TRIMMER SH (Herbicides)

TRIMUR (Herbicides)

TRIPALI WG (Herbicides)

TRUNFO SC (Fungicides)

TWINGO (Fungicides)

TYPHOON SL (Herbicides)

TYPHOON SL (Desiccants)

U-46 M FLUIDE (Herbicides)

UNICORN DF (Fungicides)

VALBON (Fungicides)

VALIS F WG (Fungicides)

VALIS PLUS (Fungicides)

VALMEC (Insecticides)

VALSAGLYPH (Herbicides)

VALSAMIN (Herbicides)


VELUM PRIME (Nematicides)

VENTUM WG (Herbicides)

VERITA NOV (Parallel trade)

VERITA WG (Fungicides)

VERTIMEC 018 EC (Insecticides)

VERTIMEC 018 EC (Acaricides)

VIBRANCE DUO (Fungicides)

VIBRANCE FS (Fungicides)

VIDATE 10 G (Nematicides)

VIDATE 10 G (Insecticides)

VIDATE 10 L (Nematicides)

VINCIT CS (Fungicides)

VINCIT F (Fungicides)

VINCIT FS (Fungicides)

VINKARE (Fungicides)


VITAVAX 200 FF (Fungicides)

VITAVAX 2000 (Fungicides)

VITENE TRIPLO R (Fungicides)

VITRA 50 WP (Fungicides)

VIVANDO (Fungicides)

VOLIAM TARGO 063 SC (Insecticides)

VOLIAM TARGO 063 SC (Acaricides)

VOTIVO FS (Nematicides)

WARRANT 20 SL (Insecticides)

WARRANT 70 WG (Insecticides)

WING P (Herbicides)

WISH TOP (Herbicides)

XANADU WG (Herbicides)

YASTREB PLUS (Herbicides)

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